Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Get the Cheapest Airline Tickets!!!

Save Money When Booking Airline Travel - How to Get the Cheapest Airline Tickets. Booking a flight always makes the average person shud... thumbnail 1 summary

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Save Money When Booking Airline Travel - How to Get the Cheapest Airline Tickets.
Booking a flight always makes the average person shudder as they close their eyes and wait to see what the grand total is on the cheapest round trip flight from point A to point B. It is important to remember amongst
all of the concern over airfare costs, that there are still bargains to be had when booking a flight. Some of these bargains require a bit of arranging before you decide to book, but all can help reduce the cost of your airfare.

Reduce the Cost of Your Airfare by REALLY Shopping Around. Unless your flight ends up being an emergency flight, then you should begin to research your airfare a couple of weeks before you even need to book which should occur ideally 4-6 weeks before your trip for the best prices. In other words, start looking for airfare about 2 months before your trip at the very least. This will allow you the ability to check various airline prices from a few different airports over a large span of time. If you live near a couple of different airports, even if you have to drive further to catch your plane, the difference in air ticket prices can more than compensate for the gas and vehicle charges.

When you find a good quote from the airline, go to the comparison web-sites like to make sure their rate isn't cheaper. Also call the airline just to double check that you cannot receive a cheaper rate this way. It is a very slim possibility, but a possibility none the less. When you see a rate quoted that you think is a bargain and is a price that you would like to pay, jump on it and book it. Airline rates fluctuate quite a bit in a matter of days, and the price you see one night could be different the next morning.

Other things you can do to reduce costs are as follows: do your best to earn frequent flier miles through non-conventional means including using shopping rewards sites sponsored by the airlines, earning frequent flier
miles through survey sites, and earning frequent flier miles through credit cards. Even if you do not earn enough to pay for an entire flight with reward points, you can still apply a partial amount of frequent flier miles to your total. While this is not the most beneficial way to use your miles, it is a good option when you do not fly regularly or if some of your miles are soon to expire.

Shop around as much as possible and check frequently to get the best deal when booking your airfare