Saturday, January 30, 2016

Top 8 upcoming Airports FUTURE IS HERE

Here is the list of TOP 8 upcoming Airports of the world or you may say airports of the future 1). Mexico City International Airport ... thumbnail 1 summary

Here is the list of TOP 8 upcoming Airports of the world or you may say airports of the future

1). Mexico City International Airport

Norman Foster the designer of new Mexico City Intl. Airport. He is a British architect, architect  the Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe) and the dome of Berlin’s Reichstag building. The idea is to make a  world’s most sustainable airport, using minimal energy, and offer an efficient passenger experience with shorter walking distances.

2). Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport

      Wonderful Airport for the people of Chongqing with a population of  6 Million and increasing and the airport would be capable of handling more than 45 million pessanger each year and would complete in 2020

3) Jewel Changi, Singapore

The redevelopment of Singapore’s Changi Airport will continue this year with the construction of a new terminal building - the Jewel Changi. The giant doughnut-shaped glass and steel dome complex will be built connecting the airport’s existing three terminals via glass walkways.

4) Pulkovo Airport, St Petersburg

The primary period of the new terminal at St Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport was as of late finished, with this striking rooftop - the most attractive component. Made by the London-based outline bunch Grimshaw, whose work in Britain incorporates the Eden Project and Heathrow's Terminal 1 and 2B, the new building was planned in view of the city's great climate. The second and last period of the airplane terminal is required to be finished not long from now - it will convey the air terminal's ability up to 17 million travelers.

5) Istanbul New Airport

Grimshaw, as a team with the Nordic-Office of Architecture and Haptic Architects, is additionally chipping away at the Istanbul New Airport, which will supplant the city's present Ataturk Airport. Situated on the Black Sea coast, 35km outside Istanbul, the air terminal will highlight six runways and the world's biggest airplane terminal under one rooftop, covering a story space of around a million square meters.
The terminal will have a vaulted roof with a geometric example and bay windows that take into account normal sunshine to channel in. The principal period of the development is anticipated 2018, which will build airplane terminal ability to 90 million, while finish of the venture will convey it to 150 million travelers a year.

6) Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The remodel of Departure Lounge 2 at Amsterdam Schiphol will see it isolated into seven "subject universes" obliging particular encounters, going from "Extravagance" and "Travel and Culture" to "Form and Lifestyle" and "Present day Dutch". There will likewise be a "XpresSpa" accessible permitting travelers to "unwind and re-stimulate" before their flight. The redesign is relied upon to be finished by this mid year.

7) Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport

Shigeru Ban Architects and designer Junya Ishigami won a competition last year to design a passenger terminal for Mount Fuji Shizouka.

8) Al Maktoum International

Plans for an AED 120 bn ($32bn) extension of Dubai's Al Maktoum International Airport were reported as of late, which will permit it to suit 120 million travelers a year. The new plan guarantees to lessen strolling separations and time spent on other air terminal convention, permitting travelers to go all through the center point all the more effectively. The new extension shapes the following period of improvement for the Dubai World Central, an "airplane terminal city" which is relied upon to see 100 million travelers a year before the end of 2020.