Friday, April 30, 2010

Singapore Changi Airport : One Of the Best Airport

"WOW, its like a hotel!" "Terminal 3 is wonderful with filtered natural lighting and garden walls." "Termin... thumbnail 1 summary

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"WOW, its like a hotel!"

"Terminal 3 is wonderful with filtered natural lighting and garden walls."

"Terminal One upstairs in the viewing gallery has a wide open floor space which is popular and usually full of 'campers' at night."
A Remark from one of its tourist.
For the 13th year, Singapore Changi has won our coveted top Golden Pillow Award. The airport sleepers have voted and it looks like Changi continues to have quite a grip on your hearts.....and your votes. If you've only ever passed through North American airports "Club Changi" is going to be a treat for you. Throw away those inflatable rafts for this trip, my friends, because you will find specially designed "snooze chairs" in the rest areas. In addition to those typical amenities that we rave about at other airports such as WiFi, internet cafes, prayer rooms, shopping, and good eats, add these upgrades available at Changi: city tours, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, 24 hour massage and spa facilities, 24 hour business center, video games, music lounges, live bands, six gardens, a special "official" napping corner, and free movies -- all at the airport. There really is no reason to leave Club Changi. Several contributors have raved about Singapore's Changi airport and have suggested you stay a few nights there even if you have the money for a hotel. After all these years of handing out this award to Changi I have yet to visit it personally. I am still waiting for my invite. Maybe it's lost in the mail. Best of all, the airport is comfortable, safe, and quiet (so quiet in fact that students have gone there to study for their during exams).
All is not entirely well for Changi though, as it does seem to be falling from its once high pedestal. This year, the Budget Terminal has been getting some negative reviews. Toyotaboy95 writes that this no-frills terminal is "atrocious, a crime against all airports". While annaleighgiovinazzo commented that "descending from an Airbus A320 on a ladder" at the Budget Terminal clashed with Changi's "image of prosperity". That's not the Changi we have grown to love. Hopefully things improve there or maybe its time for another airport to step up and wow us again. Incheon, can you hear us???
Here are some pics.....