Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cause of Air Crash

Air Crash General Causes: Flight Crew Negligence Aircraft's Technical Problems Weather Conditions Lack of Maintenance Airport / T... thumbnail 1 summary

Air Crash General Causes:
  1. Flight Crew Negligence
  2. Aircraft's Technical Problems
  3. Weather Conditions
  4. Lack of Maintenance
  5. Airport / Traffic Controllers
  6. Misc.

A very high percentage of air crash is due to flight crew negligence and then aircrafts problem. Both are related to human error and these 2 main cause effects the lives of 1000's of innocent passengers. Airport authorities should concentrate on these two main factors of aircrash.
Flight Crew Negligence:
 The criminal negligence by the flight crew especially by the piolet, hosts should be controlled to eliminate a large percentage of air crash to make this travel more reliable and passenger safely.
Aircraft engine problems:
This problem may or may not contain human error. But this percentage can be lessen by taking serious safety steps.
Whereas weather and other natural problems cant be controlled easily but researcher should pay more attention to airplane safety factors.

Have a safe journey.